Sealers & Lubricants


Loctite 574 Factory authorized case sealer 50 ml dispenser

*price updates in process

Three Bond A popular gasket sealer, used in
Formula 1 racing
3.5 oz


Curil T 40>250 degree OE sealer, never hardens 75 ml tube


Assembly Lube Moly paste for cam lobes, etc. 2 oz tube


Permatex Ultra Slick The guys at CE use it on your heads, engine bearing, etc. 4 oz bottle



We offer a large inventory of new parts for Porsche engines including the finest German gaskets and many high performance parts, such as JE pistons (authorized distributor) and Wrightwood racing gasket sets. 

Our complete CE engine rebuild kits offer the finest of everything you need for your Porsche engine overhaul, which can also include our hardware kits for a detailed look. 

Do you need special aircraft fittings, intake gaskets, cylinder base shims, extra exhaust gaskets? No problem, at CE we stock these and many more special order items. 

We will be adding more new parts to this page, so be sure to check back with us.

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