The history of Competition Engineering started back in 1958 when company founder Ray Litz purchased a Speedster while in the service. After driving the Porsche from the base to his home over a few months, he decided it needed more power, an obvious compulsion for a man stationed at a missile test site! 

After Ray got out of the service, he started working at a machine shop in Pasadena, California. While working there he started to figure out different ways to increase the horsepower to his Speedster. After some machining calculations, he decided to try using Corvair pistons & cylinders with a larger bore. So it began….. Ray's life long passion to machine enhance Porsche engine parts to produce more horsepower, run cooler, filter better, and to last longer. 

Based in Altadena in the late 1960’s through the 1970’s is when CE became a mecca for 356, 912, 914 and 911 Porsche owners and dealers from across the country and worldwide. CE was so acclaimed, because of their performance machining excellence, and complete customer satisfaction. 

Through the 1980’s and after the company moved from San Gabriel to Lake Isabella in 1990, CE continued to be a leader in machining all Porsche engine parts, also including 928, 944, 964 and 930 single & twin turbos. In 1998 Ray retired and his nephew Walt, a longtime employee and co-owner of CE along with his wife Sally purchased Ray's half of the business. 

Sadly, in 1999 Ray Litz passed away leaving a void  in the hearts of family, friends, and with the Porsche enthusiast everywhere who appreciated all he did for them and the industry for over 41 years. In 2001, Walt & Sally expanded CE to continue their heritage of Porsche machining excellence with a larger shop and a new location in Lake Isabella.

“As through the past 51 years, our family operated machining business will continue to offer only the finest in Porsche engine machining services, repairs, overhauls, parts sales, and customer satisfaction.”    -Walt Watson

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