4 Cylinder
Modify A or B heads to SC specs *price updates in process  pp
Street or Rally Port *  pair
If using 356 A or B heads  Add *  pair
Vintage Baby "S" ports *  pair
Full size "S" ports  included flow test *  pair
Port & match manifolds *  each
Match Manifolds "Only" *  pair
Unshroud & reshape chambers *  set
CC & match +/- .1cc *  set
Calculate customers' exact compression ratio (includes all necessary measurements) *




6 Cylinder
Bore & blend intake only *  set
Bore & blend intake & exhaust *  set
Street Port  "increases up to 4mm dia." *  set 
Race Port  "increases more than 4mm dia." *  set w/flow testing
Port & match manifolds *  
Match only *  
Port & match Turbo blocks & plenum *  

Please note: "pp" means plus parts


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