Head Labor

Disassemble, clean & inspect heads
Included full estimate in writing

*price updates in process



Resurface cylinder heads
4 cylinder Porsche (top & bottom)


6 cylinder Porsche


8 cylinder Porsche


Modify C2-C4 heads for update




Install valve seats
Install one valve seat


Install two or more 912 seats


 each  pp
Install two or more 911 seats


 each  pp


Install valve guides
Install all Porsche guides *  each pp
Grind valves only *  each
Polish valve stems *  each
Polish rocker arm shafts *  each
4 cylinder precision valve job *  pp
6 cylinder precision valve job *  pp
Porsche 928 precision valve job *  
32 valve 928 *  pair
16 valve 944S *  
Grind valve seats only *  each
Rebuild 911 rocker arm (rebush & grind radius) *  each pp
Recondition 4 & 6 cylinder rockers w/o bushings *  each
Weld and grind 4 cylinder rocker *  each
Grind & polish lifters *  each


Other head labor
Weld crack between spark plug hole & valve seat *  each pp
Weld crack from helicoil that does not yet reach seat (includes helicoil & reshaping) *
Repair crack in port at valve guide boss *  pp
Install spark plug helicoil *  pp
Install 8mm or 10mm misc. helicoil *  pp
R & R broken/damaged exhaust studs* *  each pp
*If previously repaired *  each pp
Modify 911 heads for dual spark plugs (includes drilling lower valve covers) *  
Weld up original 14mm plug holes and machine for dual 12mm spark plugs *  

All machine operations are subject to a chemical charge up to *
Please note: "pp" means plus parts


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